Thursday, 2 April 2015

YouTube Celebrity "Cody Tyler" to partner with Symphonic Distribution as part of thecrossover campaign

Adele Was Once Criticized For Being Obese, And She Silenced The Critics Once And For All. The Singer Said, “I Make Music for Ears, Not For the Eyes.”Today The Mainstream Music Industry Is Full Of People Who Know How To Make A Hit Song, Not A Good Song.
Singers have writers to help them, but what about artists who believe in what they do. People who didn`t work for money, instead they lived for their work. There are only a few of such souls left. Yes, you may find a singer who writes well, but you will hardly find someone who writes with their heart.
Brandon “Cody Tyler” Mcroy, an aspiring artist with nothing but thousands of followers, Cody Tyler is known for nothing but his ambition and commitment. Tyler was diagnosed with Bipolar Order, but it didn`t discourage him. During his treatment, Cody found his passion for music. The artist is known for SuperCodyTyler YouTube channel. The artist has amassed over 1 million views. His previous songs “The Birth” and “Mine” won hearts all over the internet. When asked about his work, Cody said he writes from his heart or to be defined using his term. Cody specified his work as “Heart on Paper”.
Cody Tyler has always been open to his ventures. He approaches his work with the mentality of Quality over Quantity. Through his work, he believes he can inspire the world to chase their dream, achievewhat they want. This can be seen with this Single “MLK”. The lone soul is responsible for thecreation of wonderful tracks. Tyler admits he has associated with different companies such Original Generation Clothing and more on. However, he is the only mind behind such masterpieces. During an interview, the artists clearly admitted he takes care of everything related to his work.
Yes and this even includes writing his songs. Tyler also is responsible for composing, marketing and sing them all by himself. Over the last years, his work has been admired by many and has been offered partnerships with different companies. Cody once said; he believes he connects to his listeners with his songs, and he claims he speaks on behalf of his listeners.  For his ambition, Cody`s work has been awarded YouTube`s most watched and Most talked about content.  The rising star is now looking forward to expanding his ventures. He believes it as a way of conveying his message, connecting with more people.

Cody, who has enjoyed massive success with YouTube, has recently debuted on Pandora radio. He also has been featured on Spotify new music Tuesdays. The aspiring singer is now undertaking all necessary steps to partner with iTunes and Beatport along with physical distribution of his next single “Light Kid Era”. Once again, Cody will be seen encouraging people about themselves. He is seen distributing his songs for free online in the past, but as John Waltmann said “Cody got a following and presence which we want to help with.” It seems like the young artist is going to take over the internet for once again.

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